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Tattoo Chiang Mai, Warp Tattoo is the right choice

  • Austrian and Thai Management
  • High Quality Tattoos for a decent price
  • Custom made designs for each customer
  • Great Atmosphere
  • Good Music (you choose)
  • Lots of fun
  • Vegan Friendly Ink
  • Fair Prices
  • Top Hygiene Standards

Get your tattoo at Warp Tattoo Chiang Mai

If you´re not already in Chiang Mai, get the next flight and join the tattoo movement. It was never that easy and affordable to get an awesome tattoo done. Here at Warp Tattoo you´ll get your perfect tattoo, custom made and without any safety issues. Chiang Mai is the place to go when it comes to great tattoos.

Book now and get your custom tattoo from Warp Tattoo Chiang Mai!

Tattoo Chiang Mai by Warp Tattoo

Tattoo Chiang Mai, why would you come to Chiang Mai and get a tattoo here? Easy answer! Great artists, great tattoos, custom tattoo designs and reasonable prices. Get your new Tattoo in Chiang Mai and try Warp Tattoo. We focus on high quality tattoos and offer the best possible hygiene standards. All ink is vegan friendly!

Tattoo Chiang Mai – a family business

Warp Tattoo a family business tattoo shop in Chiang Mai
Warp Tattoo is new in town but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide 100% customer satisfaction. Working from home makes our tattoos cheaper for now, we are searching for a new real shop to take our Tattoo Business to the next level.

Get your Tattoo in Chiang Mai at Warp Tattoo

Why choose us? There are so many Tattoo Shops in Chiang Mai but we really care about our customers. Since we are a Thai/Austrian Couple, you won’t have any problems when it comes to communication. Boat (the tattoo artist) studied art in Bangkok. She is a great painter and illustrator and can fulfill all your tattoo design needs.

Tattoo Chiang Mai – The Risks

As there are so many tattoo artists, the prices vary and you never know what you get. Also hygiene standards my vary. It´s better to choose a professional because  there are a lot of tattoo artists that aren’t as good as they say.
Boat is a fully trained tattoo artist with a tattoo license!

Look at our gallery on our website, on instagram and facebook and see for yourself. We strive for perfection but still we learn from day to day.

Tattoo Chiang Mai – what do we offer at Warp Tattoo?

We are up to almost anything you can imagine!

  • Boat Art Tattoos (unique designs only used once!)
  • Sak Yank Tattoos
  • Thin Line Tattoos
  • Custom Design Tattoos
  • Minimal Design Tattoos
  • Floral Tattoos
  • Black Work Tattoos
  • Dot Work Tattoos

Tattoo Chiang Mai – choose Warp Tattoo

We offer great atmosphere, a professional licensed tattoo artist, Thai and English conversations and reasonable prices. If you looking for a Tattoo in Chiang Mai and you visit Warp Tattoo, it probably wont be the only tattoo you get. Our customers keep coming back and show loyalty because they love what we do.

About warp tattoo Chiang Mai


Tara (Boat) at Work

Warp Tattoo is a professional Tattoo Shop located in the heart of Santhitham, a district of Chiang Mai, Thailand. We provide only the highest quality tattoos, do custom designs as you wish and offer a decent price with a great atmosphere.

Our licensed artists have lots of years of experience! We speak English, Thai and German to make sure almost any customer is understood. You want a great Tattoo in Asia combined with a great experience, here you go…

Our Tattoo Studio in Santhitham, Chiang Mai only offers the highest safety and clean environment. We only use disposable tattoo equipment and high quality vegan ink.

Chiang Mai is our home city in Thailand because we love the laid back atmosphere. It´s the place to go in Asia to find the perfect tattoo for you. 

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Hygiene at warp tattoo Chiang Mai

At Warp Tattoo, we focus on high quality tattoos which come with the highest safety and security. We want our customers to be happy and not worry about getting an infection. Clean, safe and sterile Environment. As you come to our shop, you will see that everything we need to make your tattoo is wrapped in plastic. We only use sterile needles and we only use them once. Our Artists use an automatic soap dispenser and use one time gloves for each client.

The client is our biggest concern. We offer high quality tattoos with the highest hygiene standards for an affordable price.

Best hygiene practice

  • Only use needles once
  • All equipment is covered in plastic and will be changed for the next customer
  • Chairs and Beds are also covered in plastic and will be changed for the next customer
  • All Artist use a automatic soap dispenser and use one time gloves for each client
  • Vegan-friendly Ink for all our Tattoo Customers!